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The Turn of the Screw

The Turn of the Screw - Henry James

I had to read The Turn of the Screw for school. When I first heard what it was about, it sounded really interesting and intriguing. It's about this woman (we don't know her name) who applies for a job as a Governess to take care of two children, Miles and Flora. The children were previously under the care of their uncle, who came in possession of them after their parents died in war. The Governess takes the job under the conditions that she never ever EVER contacts the children's uncle. Ever.


But soon, the Governess starts to see people watching through the windows. She soon finds out from Mrs. Grose (the housekeeper) that the people she has been seeing are dead. The Governess believes that these ghosts (Peter Quint - the valet, and Miss Jessel - the previous Governess) are trying to contact and haunt the children...


This book was super short (my copy only had 87 pages), but it took a long time to read. The text is really dense, and in my copy the words were tiny, the margins were small, and there was practically no space between lines.


As for the story itself, I found it a bid odd. I, personally, thought that the Governess was hallucinating the entire time. And I thought there was something up with Mrs. Grose as well. I just find it hard to believe that she would agree with everything without having proof Even after the Governess said Miss Jessel was right in front of her, and Mrs. Grose saw nothing, she still believed her! What is this madness?


I also found it kind of odd how the Governess somehow just knows that Jessel and Quint are after the children. How does she know this? That was weird. And Miles and Flora...eh. Despite the Governess' very high opinions of them, I honestly didn't care either way about them. Maybe it was just me.


The ending just confused me. I'm not sure exactly what happened or why or how it happened. All I know about the ending is that Miles is dead and Quint somehow has to do with it..


Overall, this book was just OK for me. Didn't love it, but didn't hate it either.