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Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls)

Born at Midnight - C.C. Hunter

This book was just okay. After reading some of these reviews, I find myself agreeing more with the negative ones.


I didn't like the writing style. CC Hunter tried way too hard to make Kylie sound like a teenager. She actually sounded like she was around eleven or twelve rather than sixteen.


"Not wanting to come off like a scared rabbit confronting a hungry wolf - even though that pretty much described exactly how Kylie felt - she looked Fredericka directly in the eyes."


Throughout this whole book were strange similies that we all really could have done without. This is one of the more sane ones, but trust me, they get weirder.


I found this particular paragraph to be rude, and just not right:


"She assumed these must be the fairies, or Fae as he called them. Not that she blamed him for using the different version. No straight guy would want to be called a fairy. Not that anyone could mistake Derek for gay. Something about the way he walked and carried himself was overtly female-loving male."


I mean, come ON.


Also, I really didn't like how choppy the end of chapters were. Here's an example:


(last paragraph of Chapter 30)

"She brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. 'Exactly how far away are these dinosaur tracks?'"


(first sentence of Chapter 31)

"'Not too far,' Lucas said."


This happened a lot. The chapters would just cut off in the middle of a conversation, or leaving an open-ended question. I think CC Hunter was trying to pull of suspense in these situations, but honestly, it didn't work.


Overall, this book was NOT one of my favorites. I will probably read the next books because I actually found the plot interesting, but I really don't know when. They aren't at the top of my TBR.