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Something Like Fate

Something Like Fate - Susane Colasanti

You can obviously tell what this book is about from the cover. I picked up this book because I saw that some people compared Colasanti's writing to Sarah Dessen. I pretty much got the opposite of what I expected.


What I didn't like:


Lani's Thoughts

The inner dialogue was written as following:


  • I was all like, "..."
  • I go, "..."
  • He's like, "..."
  • And I'm all, "..."


Yes, some teenagers do actually talk like this, but this got incredibly annoying throughout the book. Honestly, if what was actually in quotes was like that, fine. But what ever happened to I said, "...."?


Random Characters

After every few chapters, a new character is introduced randomly. The main character Lani just mentions a new character as if I'm supposed to automatically know who they are. This actually happens a lot throughout the book, not only in the first few chapters. And after these characters are just randomly introduced, you never see them again. At all.



I hated how stereotypical the character Blake was. He's a gay guy and he's a 'fashion diva' and he acts totally girly. That's really stereotypical..that's not how all gay guys act.


Lani's character was just plain stupid at times. In the end, Erin embarrasses Lani online and Lani just forgives her for it like it's nothing! Honestly, she didn't even THINK about it... that annoyed me to no end!! Honestly, Lani... think a little!


Jason was a flat character. He had pretty much NO personality. Whatsoever. I couldn't connect with him at all, and I really don't get what exactly makes him and Lani "soul mates".


Soul mates? I think not.

All of the connections between Lani and Jason were two dimensional... they never really got the chance to 'connect' or whatever. One of the reasons they think it's fate that they should be together is that raspberries are both of their favorite fruits. Seriously. Other reasons include that they played together in a sandbox when they were little (They live in a small town. The entire junior class is like seventy people, so it's not unlikely that they would have known each other as kids.), they both have the same poster in their rooms... I think you get the point here.


Overall, it wasn't a very enjoyable book. The one thing I did like about it was the fate aspect of it. Lani and her "best" friend Erin are obsessed with fate, and I really liked that, because you don't really see that type of thing in many books.


So... I will be giving Susane Colasanti's books another chance... "Take me There" by her was on the Bargain Books on Amazon, so I added it to my order last week. (I haven't gotten the books in yet).. But if I don't like that, I'm not going to be reading any more of her books...


Revising this review about 10 months later, Take Me There is still sitting on my shelf... haven't read it yet, and I'm thinking that I might just to get a good laugh out of it. I don't know.