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Unraveling - Elizabeth Norris

This review is pretty much going to be one huge spoiler. I can't really talk about it without ruining the big spoiler. Sorry! However, if you want to know what I thought in non-spoiler terms, I LOVED the main plotline, but I really didn't like Ben, the love interest. He was just another Edward Cullen (that was a little mean. He wasn't as bad as Edward.).


Unraveling was really great, in some aspects. I loved the whole portal-jumping and alternate-universe thing. The whole idea was very thought-provoking and interesting. It would be REALLY weird to travel to other universes, and I loved the chapters that took place in Ben's earth and T. Barclay's earth (is that his name...?? I read this almost a month ago, sorry if that's wrong).


The main issue I had with this book was Ben. Throughout the entire book, I got the impression that he had been stalking Janelle since the sixth grade. He memorized what she had for lunch every day when she was eleven (she's seventeen-eighteen-ish now), he knows what books she read two years ago... Sometimes I don't remember what books I read two years ago. And I certainly don't know what I had for lunch in sixth grade!! The whole situation with him and Janelle just seemed kind of weird to me. He knows everything about her, but they had never had a conversation. He STALKS her, and she has trouble remembering his name in the beginning. He might have been an okay character, but this whole stalker-idea just turned me off of him.


Plus, there's this line that Janelle says referring to Ben:


”He is handsome in that kind of tall, dark, mysterious and tortured kind of way."


When I read this line, I literally burst out laughing. In no way, at all, is Ben tall, dark, mysterious, or tortured. I mean, he is sort of mysterious to Janelle, with the whole being-able-to-put-molecules-together thing, but honestly..


Another thing that really annoyed me was that Alex died. He was literally my favorite character. It annoyed me when he wasn't really in it for the majority of the book, but then to kill him? For no reason? If I was planning on reading the rest of the series, it would have been for Alex. I understand that in a lot of good books, good characters die. But I felt that Alex's death was for absolutely no reason. And now Janelle has no one except for her brother and Struz.


One of the highlights of the book for me was the fact that Ben left in the portal. I hope he doesn't come back.