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Shades of Earth: An Across the Universe Novel

Shades of Earth - Beth Revis

(spoilers for the first two books throughout entire review; spoilers for Shades of Earth later on)

I read both Across the Universe and A Million Suns in early 2012, and I absolutely loved them. They were the first sci-fi books I had ever read, and I (obviously) was eagerly anticipating this final book in the series. It definitely did not disappoint. It lived up to and exceeded my expectations.

Both Amy and Elder grew a lot as both individuals and as a couple throughout the course of this book. Amy was so strong in this book. She realized that secrets were being kept from her and risked her life to figure them out. She also risked her life for the sake of the lives of everyone else in their colony. Elder was torn between giving up his leadership to Amy's father, Colonel Martin, and keeping in control of his "shipborn" people. Elder really was a leader to his people, due to the fact that the shipborns did not trust the Earthborns.

Speaking of, I loved the conflict between the shipborns and the Earthborns. I thought the whole thing was very interesting how although they all had a common purpose, they disagreed on how to go about pretty much anything. 

As for new characters, I loved seeing Amy's parents (although her father was quite annoying at times). Her mom was amazing. Other favorites of mine were Emma and Chris.

The world building was phenomenal. Beth Revis literally created an entire new planet and it was believable, which I didn't think it was going to be. The pteros and aliens and everything were all awesome. 

So, overall, this book was freaking AMAZING. Just read it. And don't be surprised when a lot of people die. Because they do.



There were some things that were quite predictable (to me, at least). The fact that there was another colony before them was super obvious to me. I mean, they were in space for five hundred years, two hundred years behind schedule. I had predicted that Sol-Earth had found a faster method to take people to space and that there was another colony quite before Amy and Elder did.

Another prediction of mine (this one is only partially correct) was that the genius aliens weren't aliens at all -- the killings were from some internal force. I had also made another prediction that the original colony hadn't completely died out. These two kind of combined together (Chris). I was honestly surprised that I had guessed two major things (partially) correct from this book. (I was also quite proud of myself). I did not have any idea about the genetic modification or how Phydus got to Centauri-Earth, or rather how ti got to Godspeed, so that was a complete surprise to me. 

And I SWEAR I ACTUALLY THOUGHT ELDER WAS DEAD AND I WOULD HAVE LIKE MURDERED BETH REVIS I WOULD HAVE HUNTED HER DOWN AND KILLED HER. Okay, maybe not that extreme, but I would have been pretty mad. I mean, what book kills of the main male character (besides books about diseases and stuff)? Like I said in my reaction right after I had finished, if the last chapter didn't exist I wouldn't have been happy.

One more thing that isn't really a spoiler, but there were some really cheesy lines in there that I actually laughed out loud to. For example, the chapter after Amy and Elder... well, you know... Amy says something along the lines of "The night was cold, but I was able to relish the warm memories I just made." It wasn't exactly that (I'm too lazy to actually grab the book right now), but you get the point. It was SO cheesy and I didn't think it was necessary. 

That is all.